National Hill View Public School


Our faculty comprises carefully selected experienced teachers who in the context of a true educational institution are facilitators in the process of learning at every level. It is the earnest endeavour of each member of our school faculty to impart quality education through the globally effective teaching methodology of LEARNING BY DOING, singly and in groups ,thus equipping the students in their care, to face challenges at university level and carve a niche in society as responsible individuals.

The faculty believes that Learning is to know and that Education is to feel and respond.

Our Pledge

We,the entire staff of National Hill View Public School will strive to provide a safe, caring and orderly environment, where all the students will have optimum opportunity for growth in all areas: Academic, Emotional, Social, Physical and Moral.

We are firm in our commitment to enhance the self-esteem of each student. We will seek to create a feeling of responsible partnership between home, community and the school in order to provide the best educational atmosphere.

As a teacher I seek to become an empowered learner, as, WHEN EMPOWERED

  • I will respect myself
  • I will be responsible for all my actions
  • I will respect others
  • I will do my best
  • I can learn
  • I will learn
  • I will never give up