National Hill View Public School


Our Culture puts commitment first to facilitate learning through a stimulating environment which empowers students with confidence and a sense of responsibility to achieve academic and personal goals.

We help to groom the civil and human values by integrating community awareness and social concerns into the folds of regular curriculum. The educational fabric is carefully woven with creative and cognitive skills to lend a holistic texture.

We prepare the children for life by providing a healthy atmosphere for growing up together, respecting gender equality.

We create an environment that goes beyond mere study, thus

  • grooming independent, competent, resilient, patient and understanding individuals
  • nurturing curiosity, resourcefulness, courage and confidence and
  • developing the young minds into veritable researchers and thinkers.

National Hill View Public School belongs as much to the students as to the faculty; Such a school culture wraps the learner and the learned in one realm of

  • To evolve the ‘Golden Learning Triangle’ into a seamless experience of learning where the students, their parents and the school strengthen each other in a symbiotic partnership towards the same goal- ‘Quality Education’ leading the young minds from the shadows of the unfamiliar to the brilliance of learning