National Hill View Public School (NHVPS), is indeed a unique learning experience formulated keeping in mind the ever increasing demand for quality education. It is an endeavour to equip every student with 'Success Skills' comprising Mind Skills, Social Skills, Team Skills and Study Skills.
Every learning moment, here, is a moment of truth that goes far beyond mere academics making the teaching-learning process enriching and enjoyable. Our faculty believes in the creation and nurturing of a healthy learning environment kindling the spirit of exploration and discovery. Learning as they enable learning leaves one wondering as to who is the teacher, the teacher or the taught? We see this as the power and purpose of true education- An unceasing learning continuum. National Hill View Public School reflects Ulysses' ever-persevering spirit - "To strive to seek to find and not to yield", from where we have drawn our motto.

'To strive with Shrama
To seek with Shraddha
To find Shreya'





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