Consolidate academic foundation and focus on empowering the students towards achieving success in programmes of higher learning. Impart quality instruction, which goes beyond mere dissemination of structured uniform information.
Steer the school curriculum by gearing up methodology, which is contemporary with the advancement in science and technology and to meet the needs of society.
Equip the school with such infrastructure that will urge and enable the students to reach their potential and exceed excellence.
To nurture and foster a work culture that exhibits diligence and sincerity and accountability at all levels
Cater to every student as an individual with unique creative, social and emotional needs.
Create a caring environment where the student inculcates the highest order of behavior through his/ her value system.
Evolve the 'Golden Learning Triangle' into a seamless experience of learning where the students, their parents and the school strengthen each other in a symbiotic partnership towards the same goal- Quality Education leading the young minds from the shadows of the unfamiliar to the brilliance of learning.




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