National Hill View campus with its state-of-the-art facilities for all academic non-academic activities in the spacious classrooms, science laboratories, computer and audio- visual centres further enhances the learning environment.
A well stocked library with its supportive reference and periodicals sections apart from the inviting series of fiction for all class levels serves as an activity centre for the young information seekers. In keeping with technological advancement the library also houses a special multimedia centre providing for browsing through a range of informative software and through the internet.
The natural surroundings are ideal for environmental activities enabling hands on outdoor experience within the school campus.
Play fields and other sports facilities provide for the physical well being of the students. Excursions and field trips kindle community awareness along with Art and Culture strings woven into the curriculum creating the perfect platform for nurturing a holistic approach.
Our transportation system is a caring convenience. School Bus Service is available from different parts of Bangalore for students to travel to school and back.




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